British Passport Renewal Application from Canada

To renew your British passport from Canada (or get your first one), you have to use the OS form rather than the usual British passport application form. As of 2014, there are new rules and requirements for submitting a British passport application from Canada.

The British passport application fees have also gone down as of April 2014.

British Passport Application Processing Time

Applications for British passport renewal made from Canada are currently processed within an average of 52 calendar days. However, it is completely normal for the process to take up to 70 calendar days (10 weeks).

When your application for a British passport is complete, you will receive your new passport by DHL courier in one envelope, and you will receive a separate envelope with your original documents such as expired passport or birth certificates.

British Citizenship for Passport Purposes

There are several ways to claim British citizenship so that you can carry a British passport.

  • If you were born in the UK before 1983, you are automatically a British citizen by birth. If you were born in the UK in 1983 or later and one of your parents is a British citizen, you are also a British citizen.
  • People born outside the UK to a British parent are also British citizens through descent.
  • All types of British citizens can carry British passports, but there are many differences in the requirements for applying for a British passport depending on how you hold British citizenship.

Download British Passport Application

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