Citizenship Card Application

If you became a Canadian citizen after immigrating to Canada, you need to show proof of Canadian citizenship in order to

  • Get a Canadian Passport
  • Get a driver’s license or provincial ID
  • Work in Canada
  • Renew your Health Card
  • Access Government Services

If you need to replace your lost, stolen, or destroyed Canada citizenship card URGENTLY, you can receive it in as little as 15 business days.

Canada Citizenship Card Processing Time

Canada Citizenship Card Replacement
Processing Time
Regular Processing 4 – 6 months
Urgent Processing 6 weeks
Top Priority 15 business days
First through Canadian Parent 6 months

Canada Citizenship Card Urgent Processing

If you need to replace your Canadian citizenship card urgently, there are options. You have to show proof that you need the certificate more quickly than the 4 to 6 month processing time.

As proof you can show that you need your Canadian citizenship card to renew your passport for urgent travel such as for work, sick relatives, a funeral, etc.

You can also show that you need to show your Canadian citizenship certificate to keep your job, be hired for a job, or for security clearance.

Canadian Citizenship Card Application

You can use this application for replacement your Canadian citizenship card if it has been lost, stolen, or damaged.

Keep in mind that in 2012, CIC changed the format of the proof of Canadian citizenship from a laminated citizenship card with a photo to a paper document with security features including all of your personal information and a barcode. When the barcode is scanned, your picture will be displayed. It is no longer possible to obtain the old style proof of Canadian citizenship card with a photo.

If you were born outside Canada, but one of your parents was a Canadian citizen at the time of your birth, you are also Canadian. To apply for a Canadian passport, you must first apply for proof of Canadian citizenship using this application.

All people born in Canada are Canadian citizens. If you were born inside Canada, your birth certificate is proof of your Canadian citizenship. But, you can also apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate as well using these forms.

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