I thought you were the government.

We are a private company. This is indicated clearly by the following:

  • For every call to our office during business hours of 8am-6pm Eastern Time, a recorded greeting states “We are a private company” before the call is answered by our staff.
    Immigroup is incorporated as a private company, as shown in our logo.
  • Our website URL is .com which is used by private companies. Government agencies and departments use websites with special government-only domain extensions such as .gc.ca, .on.ca, .gov, .gov.uk, etc.
  • All our prices are subject to Ontario’s Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), a tax levied by the Ontario government on sales private companies. Government services are not taxed.
  • A clear ICCRC logo is on our home page; this logo is only allowed to be shown by ICCRC members (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). ICCRC members are paid private immigration consultants, not agents of the government.

Why don’t you tell all your clients you are not the government?

Immigration Facts strives to be clear and transparent. Information regarding our status as a private company is clearly displayed on our website. Clients purchase our services because we are a private company to assist them in dealing with complicated government regulations and agencies.

Why do you charge a minimum of $42.50 cancellation fee? Why can&’t you just do a full refund?

We are a medium sized firm with around 15 employees and contractors. We strive to deliver great customer service and deal fairly with all our clients. We charge a minimum of $42.50 for the work that has been completed, which includes call centre agents’ time, immigration practitioners’ time, and the processing fee for closing your file. As mandated by regulating bodies of legal practitioners in Ontario, in our case the ICCRC, all closed files must be held for a minimum of 7 years prior to being disposed of securely. Please note that 1-2% of our clients will cancel at some point for various reasons such as they have found a document they believed was lost, and we don’t want to pass this expense on to our paying clients.