FAST Card Application

The FAST card is an ID card that allows commercial drivers to cross the US/Canada or US/Mexico border faster and more easily in their truck.

Having a FAST card means that you have passed criminal and background checks, and that you do not require additional screening which wastes valuable time at the border. It also means that you can use the dedicated FAST lanes at the border where they are available.

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NOTE: US and Canadian citizens use the same application forms.

FAST Card Urgent Processing

If you need to get your FAST card as soon as possible, we can expedite your interview appointment. For certain interview locations, the usual gap between the time when your FAST card application is conditionally approved and when your interview is scheduled is 3 months.

If you select URGENT FAST card service, we can schedule your interview within one to two weeks of your conditional approval.

FAST Card Application Process

When you apply for a FAST card, your application is submitted to both the Canadian and US governments. Background checks are performed in both countries to confirm that you have a clean criminal record and do not have any immigration violations such as overstaying a visa.

When your application is conditionally approved if you have passed the background checks, you are then scheduled for an in-person interview with a government officer.

If you pass the interview, your application is then approved and you will receive your FAST card in the mail.

If you do not pass the interview, you will be advised why you have not been approved for a FAST card.

Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HME)

Do you transport hazardous materials as part of your trucking job? If so, you may require a Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HME) for your Commercial Driver’s License. The HME shows border and security officers that you have passed TSA security checks.

Get Your HME

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